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An avalanche of lorries

HS2 has now released details of what lorry routes it intends to use.

Map of proposed HS2 lorry routes

Here is a summary of HS2’s application to Camden.

Please comment on their application before Saturday 19th October 2019 at this link, or you can phone Camden Council at 0207 974 6253 and ask to speak to the planning officer dealing with application no. 2019/4700/HS2. If you prefer you can email the planning officer (please quote the application number 2019/4700/HS2).

Please make sure you select "Objection" from the pull-down menu when you add your comments, or they are likely to be ignored.

What do we think?

  • HS2 should not be using residential roads to run lorries to and from their worksites. They should be using the main roads instead. Their main worksite is next to Hampstead Road so they should simply put an entrance onto Hampstead Road.

  • HS2 should not be taking out our road humps so that their tipper trucks can come down Stanhope Street and other residential roads more quickly.

  • HS2 should not be removing banned turns to make their life easier because it puts children at risk and opens up residential areas to ‘rat running’ commuter traffic.

Here are some comments that residents have already made:

  • "It is not acceptable that Harrington Square is proposed as a turn-around and all HGVs must be able to exit in a southerly direction to return to Euston Road from Hampstead Road to obviate this need. "

  • "Local noise and pollution impacts on residents will inevitably be massively increased, to the detriment of their health.Impacts on local open spaces will also be bad, specifically on the Adelaide Road Nature Reserve. How on earth are animals and birds supposed to endure 'closing the reserve when it needs to carry out works next month and a few days at a time for additional works'? "

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